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Sabrina Butler-Smith attends Human Writes Conference in London

Death row exoneree Sabrina Butler-Smith recently attended the Human Writes Conference in London. Human Writes is a non-profit humanitarian organization that connects British citizens to people on death row in the U.S., fostering friendship through letter-writing.

Sabrina Butler-Smith commented on her experience at the Human Writes Conference:

"My trip to London was an awesome experience and the Human Writes Conference was a success. We had a panelist from the organization Reprieve and a panelist who brought art work from the death row prisoners all across the world. There were different groups who had stations set up about different parts of the states, like Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, New York, and other states to name a few.

They talked about how the drug companies are trying to band together to make sure the U.S. is not using their drugs to kill people. They were very nice and hope to change the future, in which all people are equal and human."

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