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Bipartisan representatives and exoneree Kirk Bloodsworth introduce PA repeal bill

In 2015, Pennsylvania Governor Tom wolf declared a moratorium on the death penalty; however, the death penalty is still law in the Keystone State. A current bipartisan push may change that, as PA lawmakers recently introduced a bill to abolish the state's death penalty.

Democratic Representative Chris Rabb spoke out against the death penalty, stating "I actually think the entire judicial system is horribly skewed against people of minor economic means, both white and black." Rabb was joined by other members of the Democratic party as well as Republicans including Rep. Frank Ryan.

Rep. Rabb invited two former death row inmates to speak at a press conference on Tuesday, April 30, where the repeal bill was introduced.

One such exoneree was Kirk Bloodsworth, Interim Executive Director of Witness to Innocence. At the press conference, Kirk shared his story and proclaimed: "Innocence is real. If it can happen to an honorably discharged Marine without any criminal history or criminal record, it can happen to anybody in America -- even in the state of Pennsylvania."

Jimmy Dennis, who was incarcerated on death row for 25 years for a crime he did not commit, echoed Kirk's sentiments and said: “There are innocent women and men in prison in this state. We must understand that criminal justice reform is a must. Abolishing the death penalty is a must.”

Afterwards, Kirk added: "Pennsylvania is the home of Witness to Innocence, so it's about time they end the death penalty."

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