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Florida Rep. Joe Geller Apologizes to Ron Wright for Wrongful Conviction

Ron Wright, who was wrongfully convicted and served 8 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, never received any compensation or acknowledgement of his wrongful conviction. During a meeting in April with Florida Rep. Joe Geller, Ron Wright was moved by Rep. Geller's apology.

“Rep. Joe Geller, moved me when he took it upon himself to stand, shake my hand and hug me to apologize for what happened to me. To hear him say ‘I’m sorry for what our state did to you’ was not just an apology for me, but a heartfelt act and expression of genuine sincerity. I held back the tears but can’t overstate the gratitude I have for his words and embracing me. It was a pleasure to meet many of the legislature’s Senators and Representatives who were very kind and attentive to the issues I brought before them, but I wanted to express my gratitude and feelings for the many people who are so fortunate to have Rep. Geller as their Representative. Thank You.” – Ron Wright, Jr., 27th exonerated survivor of Florida’s Death Row

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