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Rodney Reed is Fighting to Prove His Innocence

Rodney Reed, a man on death row in Texas, is scheduled to be executed on November 20 and is fighting to prove his innocence to the court. He was convicted for the murder of Stacey Stites. The only piece of evidence that the prosecution used for their case was a DNA sample that was pulled from Stacey's body that matched Rodney. However, this was because the two were in a romantic relationship.

Rodney's attorneys failed to call all of the witnesses they could have to prove that Rodney and Stacey were dating. The vehicle that was suspected of transporting Stacey's body was not fully examined for evidence and the defense was never made aware of DNA evidence found with Stacey's body. There was also a witness that stated that she heard Stacey's fiance threaten to harm her and another that stated that they saw Stacey and her fiance together on the morning that she was killed.

There are witnesses and evidence that have been neglected in this case and now, the state of Texas may kill an innocent man if this execution is not stopped. Help support Rodney by visiting the site set up by his family to distribute information and updates about the case and to gain support for Rodney's innocence case. You can read more about the case, send a clemency letter to Gov. Abbott, or check out the events coming up to support Rodney.

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