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JUST MERCY brings attention to innocence cases like ours

Go see #JustMercy & help us send a message to film studios - Keep making films like this!

Just Mercy tells the story of Walter McMillian - an innocent man on death row.

Walter's story is our story.

Each of us at Witness to Innocence sat on death row. Wrongfully convicted. Facing execution. Hoping, in the face of a system stacked against us, to somehow prove that a terrible injustice had occurred.

LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK: Early opening in select theaters on 12/25 NATIONWIDE: Opening Weekend 1/10

Bring your family. Bring your friends. Bring everyone you know.

Whenever people hear our stories of being innocent on death row, they join us in the fight to end the death penalty and reform our criminal justice system.

Death row exonerees, and the issue of innocence, have been pivotal in every state that has abolished the death penalty in the last 15 years.

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