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The Latest WTI Speaking Events

Our members are continuing to share their stories and reaching audiences to bring in more supporters of ending the death penalty. They don't need to travel to have an impact on criminal justice reform.

WTI speakers love to speak at colleges and universities because the students there are the future of the criminal justice system and they can make a positive impact.

Ron Keine spoke to a criminal justice class at Georgia State University on April 22nd. Ron spoke to a class currently in the middle of a section on wrongful convictions. Ron spoke about coming within nine days of his execution before being released and exonerated in the 1970s, described his work today to support fellow exonerees and campaign against the death penalty, and shared his message to students as they pursue careers in the criminal justice field.

On April 22nd, Kwame Ajamu spoke to another criminal justice class at University of Oklahoma. Kwame spoke about his experience with wrongful incarceration at the age of 17, the importance of education during his 28 years in prison, and his work today as Board Chair of Witness to Innocence. “Please let Kwame know that he was a huge ‘hit’ today with our class, and we greatly appreciate his willingness to speak to all of us from the heart about his experiences and advocacy. He was wonderful!! And we and the students were truly moved by his story.” - University of Oklahoma Professor

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