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On Death Row With Strong Innocence Claims

Rodney Reed

Rodney Reed, who maintains his innocence, has been on death row for more than 22 years for the murder of Stacey Stites in Bastrop, Texas. Since his trial, substantial evidence exonerating Rodney and implicating Stacey’s then-fiancé Jimmy Fennell, a former local police officer, has come to light. Rodney was recently granted an indefinite stay of execution, just five days before his scheduled execution date of November 20, 2019, and is now awaiting a new hearing. Rodney now has another chance to prove his innocence, but he’s not free yet.

You can help support Rodney’s fight for justice by sharing this article and adding your name to this petition.

Julius Jones

Julius Jones is on death row in Oklahoma, despite maintaining his innocence and compelling evidence that he was wrongfully convicted.

In a case riddled with odious racial discrimination — including a police officer’s use of a racial slur during Mr. Jones’ arrest and the State’s removal of all prospective black jurors except one —evidence shows that a juror used the n-word before jury deliberations at the sentencing phase.

Find out more about the case and how to take action at the Justice for Julius site.

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