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Death row exonerees, and the issue of innocence, have been pivotal in every state that has abolished the death penalty in the last 15 years.

Join death row exonerees in our fight to end the death penalty.

With your support, we will share our stories of being innocent on death row and continue the momentum toward abolition!

Shockingly, most death row exonerees receive little to no financial compensation for the years taken by wrongful conviction. They often have no housing and no reliable social supports upon their release, and they are ineligible for most reentry services. With felony records and  gaping holes in their resumes, they face challenges finding employment. 

Help death row exonerees.


Your gift to the WTI Emergency Fund will help our members with direct needs such as medical care, rent, utilities, transportation, and other emergency needs.

Witness to Innocence is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization. For more information , please contact Jennie at

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