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Witness to Innocence is comprised of former death row inmates who were cleared of all charges and now share their powerful stories with colleges, high schools, faith communities, legislatures, and other organizations. Our speakers have reached hundreds of thousands of people across the country and the globe

UPDATE: The Witness to Innocence Speakers Bureau is available for virtual speaking events using video services such as Skype and Zoom.


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Witness to Innocence is the only national organization led by exonerated death row survivors. Their stories have been pivotal in every state that has abolished the death penalty in the last 15 years. See below for recent highlights from members of the WTI Speakers Bureau.

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"As I see it, nothing is more powerful than the stories of these wrongfully convicted men who take us step by step through our faulty criminal justice system as it crushed their lives. Witness to Innocence's exonerated death row survivor speakers are educational, accessible, and above all inspirational. But most amazing of all is their sheer goodness and integrity that keeps them from bitterness and a desire for revenge. Simply by being in their presence changes your life forever. Regardless of you stand on the death penalty, their unique and powerful stories should be heard by all."

—  Sister Helen Prejean, author, Dead Man Walking


Who should I contact to host a Witness to Innocence speaker at my event?
Please contact: or complete our Speaker Inquiry Form.

Is a Witness to Innocence speaker a good fit for my event?
Witness to Innocence’s speakers have shared their personal stories with a range of audiences – from small community gatherings and student clubs to legislative hearings and international conferences. We welcome requests from any organization looking to for unique and compelling programming to add to their event.

How much does it cost to book a Witness to Innocence speaker?
Because many exonerated death row survivors receive zero in compensation for their years lost due to wrongful conviction, 100% of our speaker fees go directly to the exoneree speakers. We collaborate with host organizations to set a budget that works for the host and ensures the speaker is paid appropriately.

What is the speaker selection process?
Each death row exoneree speaker has a unique and powerful story to tell of being innocent on death row. Host organizations are welcome to request a specific speaker or we can recommend a speaker based on the purpose and format of the event.  

Are Witness to Innocence speakers available for virtual events?

Yes, Witness to Innocence speakers are available to speak to virtual audiences using video services such as Skype and Zoom.

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