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Death sentences and executions are in decline: 


In 2020, there were 17 executions, 10 of which (56%) were carried out by the federal government.


In 2020 states imposed a record low of 18 new death sentences. 

Isn't it time to do away with this outdated and unjust practice?

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The statistics tell the story:


Since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, over 190 people from 28 states have been exonerated and freed from death row.


On average, an exonerated death row survivor spends 11.5 years behind bars for crimes they did not commit.


For every eight prisoners executed, one innocent person was condemned to die and later exonerated.


At least 4.1 percent of defendants sentenced to death in the United States are innocent.

How many other innocent people still await execution or have already been killed?

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