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Two Short Films by Virgin Unite
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Martin Schoeller

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...that we send the innocent to die


The Gathering

A Film by Micki Dickoff

This award winning documentary short filmed at our annual gathering of death row exonerees is a window into the heartbreaks and horrors we survived, the healing power of community, and our passion for abolition.

What is Witness to Innocence?

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Hosted by Herman Lindsey, the 23rd person exonerated from Florida's death row.

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Prosecutor's Partners - Witness to Innocence: Death Row Survivors

This episode of Prosecutor's Partners features King County (Washington) DA Dan Satterberg interviewing Ray Krone and Randy Steidl following the Accuracy & Justice workshop with his office.

Virtual Accuracy & Justice Workshop

This open audience preview of our Accuracy & Justice workshops features Kirk Bloodsworth, Kwame Ajamu, and Sabrina Butler-Smith sharing their experiences of wrongful conviction. 


The Accuracy & Justice project brings together exonerated death row survivors and criminal justice practitioners, in facilitated workshops to address and prevent the causes of wrongful convictions.


Bloodsworth: An Innocent Man is a George Bayne documentary depicting "the remarkable true story of the 1st death row inmate exonerated by DNA in the U.S.," Witness to Innocence Executive Director Kirk Bloodsworth. 

A Documentary by Luis Rosario Albert, initially released as part of the HBO-sponsored 10th Annual New York International Latino Film Festival.

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A documentary by Alvaro Corcuera and Guillermo Abril featuring death row exonerees Albert Burrell, Shujaa Graham, Ron Keine, and Greg Wilhoit.


Dead Man Walking depicts the relationship between Witness to Innocence co-founder Sister Helen Prejean and Matthew Poncelet, a man sentenced to death. Through the portrayal of their interactions as the days, hours, and minutes tick down to the condemned man's execution, powerful emotions are unleashed. 

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