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Our Exoneree Members Inspire Photographers

Shutterbugs, both professional and amateur, from around the world have been naturally drawn to our members as compelling and poignant subjects to photograph. And when you see the results, you understand why – they never take a bad picture! Their unvarnished and unrehearsed warmth, strength, sadness, happiness, and dignity evoke a unique pathos in the photographer’s lens. Throughout our website, you will see the work of two our favorite photo artists, Sofia Moro of Spain, and Scott Langley. Sofia’s photos our members have become iconic in the abolition movement! We are also proud to feature the work of NYC fashion and portrait photographer Edwin Tse, who graciously photographed many of our members during the last couple of years on his own dime. We think you'll agree that his photos of the exonerees and their loved ones are striking.

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