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Clemente Aguirre

State: Florida

Convicted: 2006

Exonerated: 2018

Race: Hispanic

DNA used in exoneration? Yes

Reasons for wrongful conviction:

False or Misleading Forensic Evidence

Perjury or False Accusation

Inadequate Legal Defense


Clemente's Wrongful Conviction

Clemente Aguirre was a victim of wrongful conviction and sentenced to death on February 28, 2006. False forensic evidence linked him to the murder of a mother and daughter, his neighbors. The evidence was later ruled false and the fingerprint analyst came under review for falsely identifying Clemente's prints. Charges were dropped as Clemente prepared for a new trial on November 5, 2018 when multiple witnesses testified that the daughter and granddaughter of the victims had confessed to the crime.

Clemente's Work Today

Clemente is currently working to prove that he was a wrongfully convicted person, a step to receiving compensation for the time that he spent on death row.

He has also begun to volunteer his time on efforts with other death row exonerees in Florida to share his story and fight to end the death penalty so that others do not have to experience the same injustices that he suffered.

In The Media:

10.23.19 Sunrise Podcast

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