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7th Annual World Congress Against the Death Penalty Takes Place

Death row exoneree and WTI Board Member Herman Lindsey presented at the 7th annual WCADP conference in Brussels, Belgium. Herman shared his compelling story, speaking regarding death row prisoners and their families, and engaged with other supporters for abolition.

Herman got the opportunity to work with activists including Amy Bergquist, Vice President of the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty and staff attorney at The Advocates for Human Rights. No injuries could keep these two away from their important work.

Herman was joined by fellow death row exoneree Joaquin Martinez and Board Members Elizabeth Zitrin and Richard Dieter.

Elizabeth and Richard met with delegates from the European Union as well as other leaders in the advocacy movement.

One of the sessions of the Congress was at the European Parliament, where a dramatic exhibit in the hall included portraits of WTI membersJoaquin and Gary Drinkard, among others who have suffered injustice.

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