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WTI representative meets Gov. Newsom's Legal Affairs Secretary

Witness to Innocence representative Ellen Eggers attended an event following Governor Newsom's press conference regarding the moratorium on the death penalty.

There were approximately 150 people in attendance, including attorneys from the State Public Defender's Office from both Sacramento and Oakland, people involved in the abolition movement, and representatives from organizations including Murder Victims' Family Members, UnCommon Law, and the ACLU. Ellen spoke with Catherine Lhamon, Governor Newsom's Legal Affairs Secretary

Speakers from the Governor's office discussed their motivation and work to end the death penalty before Governor Newsom arrived and gave a brief speech. He mentioned that our fight is not over and we still have a lot of work to do. Gov. Newsom stated that he knew there would be blowback from his decision, but he had to do it, particularly when he heard that the lethal injection protocol issue was coming to a head soon. It was a wonderful opportunity to have a WTI representative attend this event and hear from Governor Newsom once again about his efforts to reform our criminal justice system.

Ellen Eggers and Catherine Lhamon, Governor Newsom's Legal Affairs Secretary

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