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Blood Stones and Kirk's Story featured in Philadelphia Inquirer

Kirk Bloodsworth is not only the first person to be exonerated from death row based on DNA evidence and not only the Interim Executive Director of WTI. He is also a silversmith and a jeweler. In this Philadelphia Inquirer article, readers not only learn about wrongful conviction, the death penalty, and the inspiration for Kirk's exoneree rings, "I wanted to give them a token of appreciation to represent what they have endured as people. And it will go down in history...So,100 years from now, some antique roadshow will have one and say, well, Kirk Bloodsworth made these, and it’ll be a whole history about wrongful conviction. Some of my relatives will probably say, ‘This was handed down through time.’ And someone can say, ‘This is what your grandfather or your grandmother, or your great-grandmother went through.’”

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