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Kirk Bloodsworth's Story Highlighted by the Chestnut Hill Local News

Kirk Bloodsworth was recently interviewed by the Chestnut Hill Local News. Kirk opened up about what led to his wrongful conviction. He explained that eyewitness testimony is often unreliable and described the inconsistencies between the physical description of the suspect and his physical appearance.

Kirk explained the process he went through to get the DNA tested that eventually freed him and made him the first person in the country to be exonerated based on DNA evidence. He also shared how he didn't feel anger for what had happened to him, but felt a strong desire to get justice for Dawn Hamilton, the young victim of the crime for which he was wrongly convicted.

The true perpetrator, a man that Kirk had spent years with in prison, was eventually brought to justice and with time, Kirk was able to forgive him for letting Kirk suffer for a crime he did not commit.

The experience of being wrongly convicted and imprisoned on death row has motivated Kirk to work to end the death penalty and to help other exonerees as they are released from prison. This has led him to serve as our Executive Director at Witness to Innocence and to do everything he can to help those who have suffered due to the issues within the criminal justice system.

Read the full story:

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