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New Book Tells the Story of Debra Milke

Jana Bommersbach, an Arizona journalist and author, believed that Debra Milke was guilty like many others when they first heard the story of the murder of Debra's son. Later, when Debra's innocence was proven and she was exonerated, Bommersbach took more interest in the case. Upon further research, she realized that Debra's story was one of injustice that must be shared. She believed that it could happen to anyone.

Bommersbach looked through all of the evidence in the case and studied the reasons why the case had been thrown out. She could not believe that an innocent person, not to mention a single mother mourning the loss of her child, had been forced to spend 25 years on death row after being convicted without physical evidence and with no proof of confession.

Bommersbach decided to write down Debra Milke's story in her latest book, A Stolen Life: The Debra Milke Story. She shares all of the details of the wrongful conviction and Debra's fight for freedom.

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