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Clemente Aguirre working on bill to receive compensation for wrongful conviction

Clemente Aguirre was exonerated from Florida's death row in 2018 after being wrongfully convicted for over 14 years. He has not yet received any compensation for his lost years and to help him rebuild his life.

Representative Anna V. Eskamani has filed HB 6523 to compensate Clemente Aguirre for being wrongfully incarcerated for nearly 15 years. Senator Victor Torres is the bill’s Senate sponsor.

“This session the Florida Legislature has an important opportunity to repair the past, and grant Clemente Aguirre a second chance in life,” said Representative Anna V. Eskamani. “We are proud to file this claims bill alongside Senator Victor Torres and to help Aguirre achieve compensation for his wrongful incarceration.”

Joshua Dubin, attorney for Clemente Aguirre and Innocence Project Ambassador added, “This is another step toward justice and closure for Clemente Aguirre. This special claims bill is a way to provide Clemente Aguirre with the means with which to rebuild his life after having lost 14 precious years.”

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