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Gary Drinkard and Randal Padgett delivered letter to AL governor on behalf of Nate Woods

Gary Drinkard and Randal Padgett, who were both exonerated from Alabama's death row, delivered a letter to Alabama Governor Kay Ivey asking for Nate Woods execution to be halted. Nate Woods is scheduled to be executed on March 5th and has serious innocence claims. The exonerees also met members of Nate Woods' family at the governor's office.

“I’m not here so much to get into Mr. Woods’ case, but I’m here to protest the state-sanctioned killing of human life,” Padgett said. "And I would like to quote Gov. Ivey’s own words back when she signed the abortion ban last year – the human life protection act. As she was signing it, she said ‘Alabamians have a deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God.’ Well, I’m here to say that Mr. Woods’ life is precious. And I want her to stand up to her words and protect that life.”

“With the trial messed up the way it was, with the ineffective assistance of counsel, he should get some type of hearing, he should get a commutation at the least, in my opinion,” Drinkard said.

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