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Paul Browning becomes the 168th Death Row Exoneree

Paul Browning was originally wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death in 1986 for a robbery and murder he did not commit. His sentence was overturned in 2004 due to ineffective counsel, but he was re-sentenced to death in 2007.

Browning's case is a prime example of prosecutorial misconduct and ineffective counsel. Charges were dismissed in 2017 with a judge stating that “a fair trial consistent with due process is no longer possible.”

Paul Browning was released from prison in August of 2019, Clark County District Judge Douglas Herndon ­— who in March had dismissed murder and related charges against Browning ­— ordered state corrections officials to release Browning from custody pending the outcome of the prosecution’s appeal of his order dismissing the charges.

In January, the state supreme court, in a two-page order, affirmed Herndon’s ruling, finalizing Browning’s exoneration.

Read more about Paul Browning's exoneration at DPIC.

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