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In Memory of Lawyer Johnson (1951-2022)

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that WTI member Lawyer Johnson passed away in March 2022. He was a beloved part of our community of death row exonerees. He was an intellectual who thought deeply about the injustices present in our society and in the criminal legal system. He spoke strongly to all who would listen to bring light to those truths, and he spent decades supporting efforts for justice locally in Boston, nationally and internationally. Lawyer was a humble and private man who stayed out of the spotlight. Most people will never know his name, never know the suffering he endured as a wrongfully convicted man and the last person in Massachusetts to be sentenced to death, and never know his steadfast commitment to speaking truth to power and to contributing in any way he could to prevent others from suffering the injustices he endured. We at WTI will always remember our brother and his beautiful and courageous spirit. God grant him peace.


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