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Since his conviction in 1987, James Dailey has maintained his innocence. There is no eyewitness, physical, or forensic evidence to convict him. Dailey was sentenced to death solely based on the testimony of Paul Skalnik, a known jailhouse informant. Skalnik served as a witness in 35 cases, sent dozens of people to prison, and three to death row. James Dailey's codefendant, Jack Pearcy, signed a declaration in December of 2019 declaring that he alone had committed the murder. “James Dailey had nothing to do with the murder of Shelly Boggio,” the declaration said. “I committed the crime alone. James Dailey was back at the house when I drove Shelly Boggio to the place where I ultimately killed her.” However, when it came time to testify in March of 2019 Pearcy refused. Dailey received a stay of execution, but a new date could be set at any moment. His legal team continues to fight to prove Dailey's innocence.


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