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Join WTI Exonerees in calling for a halt to 25 executions in Oklahoma

Oklahoma will execute 25 people unless we convince Governor Stitt to issue a moratorium on the death penalty now.

Twenty-five men, whose cases include serious claims of innocence, racial bias, severe mental illness, intellectual disability, and severe childhood trauma and abuse, are all scheduled for execution. These cases reveal deep systemic flaws in Oklahoma’s capital punishment system and illustrate the egregious unfairness and cruelty of the death penalty in general.

Oklahoma has the highest execution rate per capita of any state. But half of the death sentences have been overturned due to mistakes and legal errors.

We are launching a petition in partnership with the Julius Jones Coalition. As death row exonerees, we know what Julius Jones knows, as long as OK has a death penalty, innocent people are at risk of being executed.


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