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Julius Jones remains incarcerated in Oklahoma, without the possibility of parole, despite maintaining his innocence and being TWICE recommended for commutation by the Oklahoma Pardon & Parole Board for a sentence with the possibility of parole. Jones did not fit the eyewitness's description of the shooter, while his co-defendant and the state's key witness against Jones, fit the description. The prosecution at Jones' trial told the jurors that in exchange for his testimony, Jones' co-defendant would serve 30 years in prison. However, Julius' co-defendant pleaded guilty to the crime and went on to serve just 15 years before being released. He is now a free man. Jones' case was wrought with racial bias. During Jones' arrest, an officer used a racial slur and all of the Black jurors were removed except one. One juror even used the n-word before jury deliberations at the sentencing phase. Such blatant examples of racial prejudice cannot be tolerated in the justice system. Given all of the evidence that Julius Jones' trial was unfair and racially biased, his conviction and death sentence should be overturned. The evidence in support of his innocence claims should not be overlooked. A man's life is on the line.


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