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Official Witness to Innocence Collectible Card in Memory of Damon Thibodeaux

The philanthropy card startup philropy and Martin Schoeller have partnered to create the official Witness to Innocence digital collectible card with Schoeller's video portrait of Damon Thibodeaux, death row exoneree and member of Witness to Innocence who passed away in 2021 and is dearly missed.

The Witness to Innocence philanthropy card shows Martin Schoeller’s video portrait of our beloved late member Damon Thibodeaux, with an audio extract from his interview by Schoeller in 2019. After his release from death row in 2012, Damon was an active member of Witness to Innocence and a strong advocate for abolition of the death penalty. He traveled the nation and the world to talk about his life and the danger of wrongful convictions and the death penalty. This card is a tribute to him and to all who have been wrongfully convicted. It continues his voice and fight for abolition.

(philanthropy cards include a personalized badge with your name or nickname as a proof of your support)

Philanthropy cards are a new genre of officially licensed collectible cards created by Silicon Valley-based startup philropy that feature nonprofit organizations from all around the world and help people discover and support inspiring organizations working to make our world a better place.

Purchase and generate your own Witness to Innocence card at for $2.99 USD, and receive it in high-resolution digital format. $2 USD from each purchase will go directly to Witness to Innocence and support death row exonerees and our work to change the world.

Help us spread Damon’s story and raise awareness about why we need to end the death penalty by sharing your card with your community, and inspire others to do the same!

Note: Philanthropy cards are not Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and are not connected to any blockchain. Philanthropy cards are exclusively available at and the official websites of our partner organizations, and cannot be found on NFT marketplaces or trading platforms. The authenticity and ownership of philropy’s philanthropy cards are certified by the white badge visible on the cards. Each card includes a unique badge that was generated by philropy’s technology, and comprises the card’s ID number, a unique SKU number generated for each purchase, the date of purchase and the purchaser’s name or nickname.


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