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Read This Op-Ed From Juror in Melissa Lucio Case Who Regrets Voting to Convict Ms. Lucio

Melissa Lucio, who is facing execution in Texas on April 27, 2022, was sentenced to death after her daughter, Mariah, sustained injuries from an accidental fall. Although Melissa repeatedly told the police that she did not kill her daughter, they continued to interrogate her for five hours until she acquiesced to take responsibility for some of her daughter’s injuries. Melissa suffered a lifetime of sexual abuse and domestic violence, which made her especially vulnerable to the police’s coercive interrogation tactics. One juror is now speaking out against this, among many other details, that were not revealed to jurors during Melissa's trial, stating, "I am now convinced that the jury got it wrong and I know that there is too much doubt to execute Lucio. If I could take back my vote, I would." Read more


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