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Ruben Gutierrez is on Texas' death row and has sought DNA testing of the evidence in his case for years. He says that this evidence could help him prove he did not kill 85 year old Escolastica Harrison. One of the Gutierrez's attorneys, Shawn Nolan, says that Gutierrez's statements to the police became more incriminating as they threatened to arrest his wife as an accomplice and to take his children. In March, 2021, A federal judge ruled in favor of DNA testing in Gutierrez's case, but the state of Texas has appealed the ruling. As Nolan says, "If he is so sure that Mr. Gutierrez's conviction and death sentence are sound and that Mr. Gutierrez deserves to die, there can be no reason to continue to refuse our reasonable requests for this testing, which would be done automatically by law if this case happened today."


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