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Urge Oklahoma Leaders to Save Richard Glossip

Two independent reports have found that Richard Glossip's conviction should be vacated, yet in a 2-2 vote in April 2023, the Board of Pardons and Parole did not recommend clemency. On May 5, 2023 the U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay for the scheduled May 18 execution [Attorney Statement]. Now the Oklahoma Legislature needs to hear from all Oklahomans who want Richard Glossip to live.

Mr. Glossip has been on Oklahoma’s death row for more than 25 years even though it is not disputed that another man, Justin Sneed, murdered Barry Van Treese. Mr. Glossip’s conviction is based almost entirely on statements made by Justin Sneed that it now clearly appears he wanted to recant. Mr. Glossip has always maintained his innocence.

There is widespread consensus that Mr. Glossip’s conviction is unreliable and that he must not be executed. Sixty-two Oklahoma lawmakers including 45 Republicans have called for Mr. Glossip’s conviction to be overturned. Support also comes from the sitting Oklahoma Attorney General and numerous current and former prosecutors around the country.


Oklahoma Residents: You can email your OK legislators here:

(post updated 5/9/23)


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