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Urgent Action Needed For Melissa Lucio

Photo courtesy of the Lucio team.

Melissa Lucio has maintained her innocence on death row in Texas for more than 14 years, yet she is set to be executed on April 27, 2022, for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Mariah.⁠ Mariah tragically died after an accidental fall down steep stairs, and Melissa, like nearly 70% of exonerated women, has likely been convicted of a crime that never took place (events that were actually accidents, deaths by suicide, or fabricated).⁠ Melissa is a survivor of sexual abuse and violence that she has endured her whole life beginning at age 6. Her history of abuse makes her especially vulnerable to coercive tactics and falsely confessing. On the night her youngest child died, she was interrogated and intimidated for five hours, until she finally said, “I guess I did it,” to get detectives to end the interrogation. ⁠ Melissa was a mother of 12 when she was arrested. She was also pregnant with twins she gave birth to in jail and had to give up for adoption. The State of Texas presented no physical evidence establishing that Melissa ever abused Mariah or any of her children. In fact, thousands of pages of Child Protective Services records show her kids never said she was violent with them.⁠ We have less than 90 days to #SaveMelissaLucio.⁠ Please, add your name to the petition.⁠


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