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Wrongful Conviction Day

October 2nd was the 8th Annual Wrongful Conviction Day. This year, Witness to Innocence members recorded videos for the Innocence Network.

Help Ron Keine abolish the death penalty. Share his story:

Help Joaquin Martinez abolish the death penalty. Share his story:

Wrongful Conviction Day is an effort of the Innocence Network which is an affiliation of 68 organizations dedicated to providing free legal and investigative services to innocent people, working to redress the causes of wrongful convictions, and supporting the exonerated once they are freed. For Witness to Innocence, it is also a day to celebrate all exonerees as well as all of the people who helped us gain our freedom.

This year’s theme was 'The Fight Continues,' and we are considering the many fights that are ongoing despite the many victories that we celebrate. The Fight Continues for the thousands who remain wrongfully incarcerated, for exonerees who face new challenges upon their release, and for those working to prevent the multitude of injustices that contribute to wrongful convictions. Join the fight!


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