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Oklahoma AG Requests 25 Execution Dates Despite Innocence Claims & Several Execution Protocol Issues

Pictured: Oklahoma death row exoneree Greg Wilhoit and WTI member who passed away in 2014.

In early June, Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor asked the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals to set execution dates for 25 individuals on death row, all of whom were party to the challenge of Oklahoma's lethal injection protocol. This challenge was overruled earlier this month as Judge Stephen Friot determined that Oklahoma’s lethal-injection protocol is constitutional, despite several botched executions taking place there just this past year. Under the proposed execution order, Richard Glossip would the second person scheduled to be put to death this fall. Glossip, who has maintained his innocence for the entirety of his 25 years spent on death row, is the subject of a recent independent investigation that revealed strong evidence supporting his innocence. Read more


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