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Article features WTI Executive Director on FL compensation Bill

"By far the most moving testimony came from Herman Lindsey, who in 2009 was exonerated for a Broward County murder for which a court sentenced him to death 15 years earlier. Today, he works as the executive director of Witness to Innocence, which represents death row exonerees and advocates against the death penalty. He also has not been compensated for his time in prison, three of which he spent awaiting execution on death row. HB 43 and its Senate twin carried by Fleming Island Republican Sen. Jennifer Bradley “finally got it right,” Linsey said. “I don’t think anyone in this committee (or the Legislature is) responsible for what happened, but to put this bill in the proper perspective, it helps soothe what happened,” he said. “I’m a Floridian, and I love my state. For us to have laws that actually makes it harder for us to be compensated for what happened to us is just shameful.”



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